A Touch of Health Massage

Located at: Webb Center Wellness


About Us

In the late eighties, I got my first massage in Calistoga, CA. I was amazed how it made me physically and emotionally stress free. I was interested in helping others with pain relief and after some research found Rich Phaigh at East West College in Portland, Oregon teaching Sports Massage. Rich worked on the ddOlympians that Nike sponsored and became my mentor to strt my journey in soft tissue injury work after graduating in 1991.

I became licensed in Oregon, Las Vegas, Nevada; and Idaaho and have spent most of my career in my home state of Idaho. I have always been an independent contractor with, "A Touch of Health," but have also worked along with chiropractors, and the XFL OutLaws football team under NFL/XFL Head Trainer Bobby Moore addressing range of motion and soft tissue pain patterns.

That being said, you definitely don't have to be an athlete or have had an injury to receive therapy here at Webb Benter Wellness.

Something our clients should know is that no matter what the original source of your discomfort may be, the myofascia (muscle and fascia holding our body together) responds to pain or irritants by contracting with tension and putting pressure on sensitive structures.  Eventually it can cause an inflammatory process that lays down cross fibers (scar tissue forming adhesions) holding the tissues intuit shortened state of contraction.  

This inflammatory causing cycle often causes more discomfort than the original source of pain.  If your original source is chronic like arthritis or a bone on bone knee joint, then long gating the soft tissue around them may hold with relief until the inflammation causes them to eventually contract again.

In short, we can assist with your recovery or chronic pain management.


Jeff D. Webb